Pinterest is a website and mobile application. Pinterest allows people to put together, share, and keep pictures. Pinterest users may design, bookmark, and create image groups. Called boards, these are created by users who may select pages, items, web sites, etc. These may be pineed to boards that have recently been created or to an existing Pinterest board. Pinterest users may share and save pins. These may be sourced from different resources like book writing, birthday parties, interior decoration, vacation planning, and holidays. You may make projects when you use boards. You may also do some event coordinating as you save pictures and information. Pinterest was created by Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra, and Ben Silbermann. The organization was funded by a few entrepreneurs, basically a little investor group. Pinterest is being run by Cold Brew Labs.

So you can get a Pinterest login, what is needed from you is a device with an Internet connection, including a web browser program.

A benefit of getting a login is its accessibility from any web browser program. In addition, you may use your Pinterest sign in to access tools to pin pictures that are interesting for you.

(1) Open a web browser and proceed to You have two alternatives to get a login. The first alternative is through Facebook. You picked this alternative, click the “Continue with Facebook” button. The second alternative is to plug in your Password and Email. After, click the “Sign up” link. login

(2) It may be possible that the web page would not appear as it does above. You should also remember that there could be times that you would see the login of another individual that is not yours. So you have to log out first. After, refresh the web page. If you still do not see what you are looking for, attempt to remove the passwords, cookies, and cache from the web browser. If you still do not see the new form, exit from the web browser and start your login using a different browser program.

(3) If you want to sign up at Pinterest through the first alternative, through Facebook, click the “Continue with Facebook” hyperlink. A tiny pop up screen would pop up, like in the second image. Plug the Facebook details. Next click the “Log In” hyperlink. Now you have a Facebook connection through your Pinterest. Congratulations, through your Facebook account, you have a Pinterest account!

(4) Nevertheless, if you already have a password and login with Pinterest, ensure that you put in the correct details from your Pinterest account. Then click “Sign up.” Congratulations, you have a Pinterest account!

pinterest login

As soon as you have your own Pinterest account and you would like to pin pictures, select the picture you need to pin. After click the “Add +” button in Pinterest. After, type the website address for the image inside the box. Next pick the image you want to position and pin on a board. Pinterest users may put in a description for the pin. You also have the option of sharing on your social network. At present, Pinterest users may click the pin so they can do some board searching where the picture is pinned, who pinned the image beforehand, where the pin came from, and who have liked, commented, or repined the images. You may also make boards that are private or secret. This means that you only see this board, no one else. You can also search for Pinterest friends if you have a Facebook or Twitter account.

An interesting statistic is that Pinterest is something that women like to do and visit, rather than men. Based on a Nielsen study in 2012, American females occupy 70 percent of Pinterest users. In 2012, each Pinterest user takes 90 minutes a month on the website. Their popular categories range from travel, crafts and do it yourself, women’s apparel, food and drink, and home decorations.

Pinterest users must remember that the website keeps true copies. These are not merely picture thumbnails or just pinned hyperlinks. The Pinterest policy created controversy for photographer copyright problems. Nonetheless, these problems of Pinterest is not just a problem for the company.

Professors and teachers can also use Pinboards for their lessons. They may pin websites and point to them. Moreover, students may pin and organize for project coordination.